Customised & Second Party Audits

Customised &
Second Party Audits

Bureau Veritas designs, develops and implements supplier audit programs to assist clients in effectively managing their supply chain.

Managing risk today means putting in place effective controls along the value chain. Customers hold companies responsible for social and environmental performance throughout their supply chains, making supplier risk assessment a priority. But companies also need to ensure their own manufacturing sites, retail outlets and distribution networks are up to scratch. The aim: to maintain high standards from production to point of sale, and in doing so, protect reputation.

Key Benefits:

  • We prioritise risks within the supply chain against a number of criteria such as intrinsic country risk, supplier’s response to Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), criticality for the Buyer, etc. These criteria are tailored to the company's strategy and allow for optimal cost management.
  • We implement actions based on the level of risk, from the prioritising exercise from Desktop Review to On-Site Audits.
  • Local personnel on the ground in more than 100 countries

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