Digital Engineering Solutions

Digital Engineering Solutions

Bureau Veritas Digital Engineering Division, headquartered in Melbourne, is at the forefront of supporting businesses across diverse domains. Our division is laser-focused on enhancing Bureau Veritas’s core service areas through strategic deployment of operational technologies. These include Mixed Reality, Remote Work Solutions, and Optimisation Modelling, all seamlessly integrated with 3D Digital Twins within our project delivery platforms.

As we navigate the current industrial revolution, operational environments are rapidly advancing toward Industry 5.0 and Web 4.0. The traditional boundaries between asset management and operational strategy are fading, as more of our business processes become automated and system-driven rather than reliant on human intervention.

Our division stands uniquely positioned to assist clients in future-proofing their businesses against disruptions. Simultaneously, we uncover value opportunities and sustain adjacent processes through robust asset management strategies and automation. This dual approach ensures both value maximisation and organisational resilience.

In today’s dynamic project management landscape, integrated platforms play a pivotal role. These platforms seamlessly blend traditional dashboards, analytics, and document management with the transformative capabilities of digital twins. Real-time insights, historical data analysis, and synchronised document repositories empower organisations to optimise processes, mitigate risks, and achieve successful project outcomes.

With a wealth of capacity and a toolkit ready for deployment, we invite you to reach out and explore the diverse range of solutions we offer. Let us collaborate to empower your business for success and customise a digital roadmap designed specifically for your business.

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General Manager - Digital Engineering

Bureau Veritas Australia

Bureau Veritas is destined to provide services through our digitalisation solutions as the development of technology and its uses have become a crucial part of our lives. The question becomes ‘How do we use this data?’, and it all starts with In-Formation, Data is valuable to all our businesses when it is structured in an orderly fashion.


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