Digital Engineering Practice

Digital Engineering Practice

Bureau Veritas will continue to invest in 2020 to further develop our existing Digital Engineering Practice, headquartered in Perth. The practice focuses on sustaining and improving our core service areas, through the development and use of operational technologies such as Augmented Reality, Remote Working Solutions, Risk Simulations, and Optimisation Modelling utilising 3D Digital Twins

Our current projects are focused on supporting our customers to maintain continuity of operations, whilst minimising personnel exposure through the use of remote working solutions. Risk modelling to assess the true impact on our customers' value chains are additionally in high demand. 

We have the capacity and tools ready to support clients with a wide range of solutions and as such, encourage customers to get in contact today to see how we can assist.

Mark Eagar

Principal of Digital Engineering

Bureau Veritas Australia

Bureau Veritas’ operational tech strategy supported by continual investment in cutting edge technology has enabled our internal engineering teams to stay at the ahead of the curb. To date we have delivered tailored solutions with a focus on improving operational efficiency, whilst reducing operational expenditure and turnaround times of services currently offered to our customers.


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