Material Testing

Material Testing 

Bureau Veritas’ Materials Testing experience covers chemical characteristics, corrosion, environmental and durability, failure analysis, flammability, metallurgy and packaging in addition to physical properties.

Materials testing helps clients evaluate material quality and performance and is pivotal when undertaking failure analysis investigations. Our Materials Engineers can advise if you are using the best material for your application, and can do so for a variety of industries such as wireless/smart world, electronics, transport, mining, electrical and electronics, building products and medical devices to mention just a few.

In today’s highly complex and changing marketplace, finished product suppliers, buyers and manufacturers need to be confident that the products they deliver to market meet consumer expectations along with the required safety, environmental, regulatory and government standards globally. The need to meet these objectives is crucial. Non-compliant products risk being recalled. Poor-quality products can result in consumer dissatisfaction and product returns. Both can negatively impact brand image.

Bureau Veritas works with major international retailers and brands, helping to shape the standards and regulations through our participation in industry forums and regulatory agencies. Furthermore, we have labs in every major selling and sourcing country, allowing us to provide comprehensive testing services for a broad range of products throughout the supply chain. 

our services

  • Tensile Testing
  • Replication
  • Impact Testing
  • Welder Qualification
  • Chemical Analysis – ICP, AES and EDS
  • Hardness Testing - Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Leeb
  • Salt Spray testing
  • Bend Testing
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • SEM examination


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