Solar Energy for

Today & Tomorrow

Bureau Veritas supports the accelerated deployment of solar across Australia with dedicated solutions for owners, solar project developers, EPCs, investors and lenders. Together with our experts, you can ensure that your on-site solar is installed risk-free, tapped into greener, cheaper energy and, most importantly, is safe, reliable, and viable.

We have over a century of expertise in the power sector, 25 years in solar, and have been involved in thousands of renewable energy projects. Our experts act as your eyes and ears on the ground during asset origination, project development and project deployment. Our independent solar services are vast and unique to each project, but they aim to

  • reduce development risk
  • improve the reliability of your project supply chain and proactively manage quality, schedule, and ESG risks
  • enable earlier identification of defects or issues to minimise project delays and safety issues
  • shorten downtime and increase the availability of assets for revenue generation
  • extend operating life and improve performance

In Australia, we have a team of dedicated solar professionals with vast experience and an unrivalled understanding of the regulatory requirements. Together we will ensure your solar farm is compliant and set up to return the lowest possible GHG emissions.

Technical Due Diligence (Lender’s Engineering)

Our Australian experts provide an independent assessment of the technical risks of your solar project to support investment and acquisition decision-making.

We focus our review on the project's technical elements, which encompass evaluations of energy production projections, equipment and technology assessments, civil and electrical designs, contractual agreements, project timelines and finances, environmental permits, and projected operational and maintenance expenses. Additionally, our review may entail conducting on-site visits, auditing equipment manufacturers, conducting thorough equipment inspections, monitoring the construction process, and verifying project completion. By thoroughly analysing all the technical information, we can deliver a comprehensive set of relevant and suitable conclusions and recommendations for all project stakeholders.

Owner’s Engineering

We shape trust in project development by using our multi-disciplinary engineers to support you throughout site selection, design, development, procurement, and construction of your solar project. By working with us you can trust your new asset is built to required standards and to industry best practice.

Our independent services include energy yield and site suitability assessment, tender preparation support (including for PPA or O&M contracts), detailed engineering review, manufacturing inspection, project management support during construction, commission validation and witnessing, grid connection assessments, defect list management, to final project acceptance and handover, and operational & maintenance support.

It aims to achieve maximum availability and ensure ROI from the earliest stages of an energy project by managing risk. Our integrated approach enables the client to achieve the targeted quality level for a project while mitigating the risks relevant to the project schedule and costs.

Our engineers deliver global expertise locally. Regardless of project scale, lifecycle phase or the region in the world, we can help you navigate the complexity of technical, permitting, and regulatory requirements at every step.

Inspection & Certification

As world leaders in testing, inspection, and certification, we help our clients, who operate across all industries, with their statutory testing and certification needs. Together we address challenges throughout the lifetime of your assets, products, and infrastructure, helping you to assure quality, reduce costs, increase productivity, and reach a more responsible, sustainable future.

Bureau Veritas expertise in Solar power