Diversity, equity & and inclusion are an integral part of our culture at Bureau Veritas and critical for our long-term growth. A diverse workforce is needed to optimise the value we create and reflect the diversity of our communities, equity is required to ensure that we meet our diversity targets and inclusion is necessary so that our workforce can thrive. One of our four BV Values, “Open & Inclusive”, reflects our belief that employees can only reach their full potential if they are able to express themselves freely and openly, and if the actions and behaviours of our employees encourage such expression.


For Bureau Veritas, achieving greater gender balance is a key business priority for which ambitious goals have been set. Attracting and retaining women is key to meeting these goals and therefore new hire, attrition, and average tenure data by gender is regularly reported and action is taken as necessary. Initiatives to help achieve our gender balance ambitions include training recruiters and managers on inclusive recruitment practices and targeted development programs to accelerate the development of high-potential women.


Bureau Veritas is committed to gender pay equality and this is closely measured and monitored with steps taken to close any identified gender pay gaps. Processes in place to close any gender pay gaps include:

  • Enhanced reporting to understand the roles and groups where gaps may exist.
  • Action planning and regular updates by divisions to close identified gaps.
  • Regular global gender pay gap audits and compensation reviews.


We are also very committed to enhancing the ethnic and racial diversity of our workforce, and to ensuring our workplace culture to enable all our people’s careers, regardless of each individual’s ethnicity and race to prosper. We operate in more than 140 countries with more than 150 nationalities represented among our people. Our BV Values, Leadership Expectations and company policies all support the commitment to improve our ethnic and racial diversity, which applies at all levels. For example, our Global Executive Committee includes a range of nationalities (Australian/Tunisian, Brazilian, British Chinese, French, U.S., and Peruvian).


We are constantly seeking ways to create a workplace that increases access to employment for people with disabilities. Specific initiatives as part of this commitment include:

  • Internal communication campaigns with expert consultants to build awareness among all employees.
  • Training programs through simulated situations, such as using sign language.
  • Recruitment campaigns on websites such as “Mission Handicap” and “Hello Handicap”, and participation in recruitment events such as “Mardi du handicap” and the “Handitech Trophy” in France.
  • Bureau Veritas is a member of the board of TREMPLIN, a student support association for people working and studying with disabilities.


Bureau Veritas is a supporter of the Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality, an initiative of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, BSR, and the World Economic Forum. It is through this and other initiatives that we aim to attract and engage talent who identify as LGBT+ by creating a workplace where they can feel free to contribute to their roles fully and openly and progress their careers.

In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, we enable employees to choose if they wish to identify as LGBT+ in our HR records. The purpose of this is to measure and increase the representation of people identifying as LGBT+ in our workforce and to understand how to improve our culture for LGBT+ people. In addition, employee resource groups are in operation and supported by the company in several countries and aim to contribute to building an inclusive culture for our people who are members of underrepresented groups, such as LGBT+.


Bureau Veritas highly values the recruitment of veterans through the technical, professional, and leadership skills they bring. We also believe that we have a responsibility to enable more employment pathways for individuals who have served in the armed forces. Efforts to support this include focused recruitment efforts, onboarding and training for veterans that have been recognised in some countries such as the United Kingdom where we hold the gold award under the Ministry of Defense Employer Recognition Scheme.


We are committed to providing more employment options for people who identify as people of First Nations with a focus on highlighting long-term, inspiring career opportunities. An example is in Australia where we partner with different First Nations groups, such as the Waalitj Foundation and local communities, to attract more applications from people from First Nations communities. In addition, we have developed and approved by Reconciliation Australia our “Reconciliation Action Plan” which signifies our commitment to fostering meaningful relationships with Indigenous people, acknowledging their rich cultural heritage, and promoting reconciliation within our organisation and beyond.


As part of our efforts to recruit more people from diverse backgrounds, Bureau Veritas partners with colleges and institutions in areas that are economically disadvantaged. Examples from the United Kingdom include collaboration with Hopwood Hall College, to encourage candidates from this school to apply for roles with us and an initiative with “ReachOut”, where our employees mentored disadvantaged young people in the community.