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Sustainable Solution: Unlocking the Power of Fugitive Emissions Reduction

Bureau Veritas organises programmes to detect and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with regulatory standards, NGER, and OGMP 2.0.

Fugitive Emissions

Fugitive emissions are the unintended release of gasses and vapours into the atmosphere by industrial activities. The global community expects industries to adopt and implement effective measures to minimise fugitive emissions, reducing contribution to air pollution and greenhouse gas concentrations.

Governments and international organisations have introduced robust regulations to mitigate the impact of fugitive emissions, such as Australia’s National Greenhouse and Energy Report Scheme (NGER) and the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0), a widely adopted voluntary commitment to lowering methane contributions.

Our reputation as a trusted GHG verification partner and global leader in fugitive emissions

Bureau Veritas is an official CDP Verification Partner, a GRI Gold Community Member, an AA1000AS Licensed Provider and a UKAS-accredited ISO 14064 Part 1 and Part 2 Verifier / Validator.

Bureau Veritas has been recognised as a global leader in leak detection and repair (LDAR) for several decades, supporting clients through field experience and measurement expertise. Bureau Veritas is the LDAR leader in Europe, being chosen by the European Committee of Normalisation (CEN) to represent LDAR inspection companies in European Committees.

As a specialist in industrial data collection and database management, Bureau Veritas Australia & New Zealand manages all the phases required to quantify emissions complying with OGMP 2.0 and NGER. Using acquired LDAR data, the largest fugitive emissions sources become verifiable and actionable. Emissions abatement is therefore made precise and targetable, benefiting you due to social, environmental, and economic incentives through emissions reduction. We provide feedback on the effectiveness of emission strategies and stipulate improvement efforts towards more sustainable practices.

In each project, after site data collection, we usually deliver:

  • Fugitive Emission Report

  • Report emissions from Venting, Flaring and Incomplete Combustion

  • LDAR Database

  • Positive Emissions Infrared Video Footage

  • Bureau Veritas developed the Interactive Fugitive Emission Monitoring Dashboard ‘BV EmissionView’


OGMP 2.0 Reporting

The Oil & Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0) is the flagship oil and gas reporting and mitigation programme of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC). 

Bureau Veritas Australia & New Zealand assists clients to get an in-depth understanding of requirements and helps them to collect the required data, performs the calculations and prepares a compliant report to OGMP 2.0 and achieves the golden standard. OGMP 2.0 gold standard is the utmost level of compliance with OGMP 2.0


The following infographic shows a wide range of services that Bureau Veritas provides to achieve gold status.

Bureau Veritas Sustainable Solution Infographic

NGER Reporting

The Australian, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme, established by the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Act), is a single national framework for reporting and disseminating company information about greenhouse gas emissions, energy production, energy consumption and other production levels specified under NGER legislation. 

Why Bureau Veritas support is competitive?

Bureau Veritas can assist you to provide a compliant reporting or can act as an independent party to verify and certify reported emissions.

In today’s competitive landscape, trust and transparency are paramount.

Unwavering integrity and objectivity: As an independent third-party Bureau Veritas brings an unbiased perspective, free from internal pressures or conflicts of interest. Ensuring NGER and OGMP 2.0 activities are conducted with the highest ethical standards, minimising risk of non-compliance and reputation damage. 

Expertise and proven methodology: We provide a wealth of knowledge and establish best practices for NGER and OGMP 2.0 compliance. Bureau Veritas can seamlessly integrate with your existing processes, ensuring efficient and accurate data collection, analysis, and reporting, saving valuable time and resources. 

Enhanced credibility and stakeholder assurance: Engaging with Bureau Veritas demonstrates your commitment to transparency and good governance. Foster trust with regulators, investors, and the public, strengthening your brand image and mitigating potential risks.

Streamlined operations and reduced administration: We handle the heavy lifting of NGER and OGMP 2.0 activities, freeing your internal teams to focus on core business functions. This reduces administrative burdens, improves operational efficiency, and allows the ability to optimise resource allocation.