BV EmissionView Cover

BV EmissionView: Interactive Monitoring Dashboard

In the journey toward achieving net-zero emissions, we recognise the importance of understanding and tracking GHG emission data. Effective emission data management is essential in identifying sources, assessing impact, and demonstrating progress. 

BV EmissionView is Bureau Veritas Australia’s own in-house developed powerful data analytics tool, allowing for seamless transitions from an asset macro-level to a micro-level overview, providing a comprehensive view of emissions over all your assets. Using our capable filtering and sorting systems, you can focus on specific data, allowing for targeted presentations with stakeholders and internal management.

By implementing our emission monitoring dashboard, you ensure regulatory compliance and are empowered to make informed decisions for methane reductions. Real-time emission data detection, tracking, updating, and reporting have never been easier. We support continuous improvement via our data management, enhancing sustainability and financial performance.

Our BV EmissionView platform lets you engage directly with emissions data through interactive visualisation, fostering deeper understanding and insights. The interactive nature of the dashboard facilitates real-time exploration and manipulation of information, allowing for analysis at various levels of granularity. 

The advantages of the BV EmssisionView digital platform:

  • Visualises the level of emission and maintenance requirement across the whole asset portfolio
  • Scales as your methane emission data increases 
  • Can receive data from multiple sources / works with other systems
  • Identifies causes, drivers, sources, and trends
  • Complete facility and emission inventory
  • Interactive and available to multidisciplinary teams
  • Secure managed data structure
  • Simplifies data processing and data management
  • Real-time observation, monitoring, and cause analysis
  • Tracks emission reductions
  • Allows for better decision-making
  • Regulatory compliance and accurate reporting compliant with OGMP 2.0 and NGER