We have a role to play in supporting the well-being of our people, which is vital for our long-term success and benefits everyone: employees, business performance, customers and society. In addition to our comprehensive Health, Safety, Security and Well-being policies and training, we have put in place a “Well-being Framework” that includes benchmarking best practices internally and externally. The four pillars of the well-being framework are:

  • Physical: Looking after ourselves, our sleep, nutrition, and physical exercise routines contribute positively to our ability to perform
  • Emotional: Our emotional and mental state of mind has a direct impact on how we feel, how we adapt to changing environments and how we perform
  • Financial: Financial concerns can induce stress and take over our lives; understanding our financial position and options helps reduce this stress
  • Purpose & Community Engagement: Finding meaning in our work and being able to give back, as well as working for a company that gives back to society provides a sense of purpose and positively impacts our personal well-being

We have multiple examples of how the elements of this framework are deployed with key examples including:

  • Physical: improved technologies to enable more effective remote working and redesigning physical workplaces to ensure employee well-being is optimised
  • Emotional: mental and physical health awareness campaigns, such as “R U OK” in Australia, and programs, such as mediation and improved sleep classes and subsidised health checks and gym memberships, as well as employee assistance programs
  • Financial: progressively introducing minimum coverage for health and life insurance for all employees, while also reflecting local conditions, as well as extending services to employees for increased financial advisory support (an example of which are hotlines for employees to obtain specialist advice)
  • Purpose & Community Engagement: employee volunteering in local communities during work hours and offering pro bono Bureau Veritas services to relevant local charities