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Economic growth requires effective transportation infrastructure. Bureau Veritas support the construction of road, rail, air and port infrastructure that’s built to last. Whether Road or Rail assets and infrastructure, we bring global expertise and experience to support your QA/QC and Compliance.

Companies and operators specialising in transport construction are charged with building complex infrastructures. Whether working on a road, rail, port or airport project, industry players need to achieve their investment objectives while ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability. Adhering to strict regulations, they must design infrastructure that will last, often beyond its originally intended lifespan. This makes maintenance and asset integrity two key concerns.

Bureau Veritas offers a complete range of services. We assist you in developing cost-effective transport infrastructure that is built for the long term. We ensure that existing transport infrastructure is effectively maintained to offer end users safe transport and travel. We have comprehensive experience supporting major Transport Infrastructure projects. From Independent Verification through to testing the welds and fasteners that join the materials and services to assure compliance of assets and de-risk the project.

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