Energy Storage

Battery Energy

Storage Systems

Electricity is increasingly being generated from renewable sources – solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy and hydropower – but their output is intermittent. By utilising advanced tech solutions, such as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), we can unlock the full potential of these resources. Bureau Veritas supports accelerated BESS installation deployment with dedicated solutions for project developers, Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies (EPCs), investors and lenders.


  • Design

    Bureau Veritas supports clients throughout the entire BESS project lifecycle, delivering best-in-class dedicated solutions.

  • Permitting

    Bureau Veritas helps mitigate development risks on BESS projects through everything from permitting support to grid connection support and due diligence.

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  • Procurement

    Excellent supply chain management is crucial to avoid scheduling and quality issues. Our experts provide a range of procurement services, including supply chain technical assessment and manufacturing inspections.

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  • Construction

    Our onsite experts ensure projects are completed efficiently and safely, providing services such as project and construction management support, onsite HSE and performance tests.

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  • Asset Operation & Management

    Asset management teams provide comprehensive asset integrity solutions, from performance testing to waste management and recycling surveillance.

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Technical Due Diligence (Lender’s Engineering)

Our Australian experts provide independent assessments of the technical risks of your BESS project which are trusted globally and support financial decision-making.

We provide technical evaluation of your BESS project capabilities looking at specific performance, warranties, and operating life characteristics (temperature, power c-rate, state of charge, efficiency, and degradation).

Owner’s Engineering

We shape trust in project development by using our multi-disciplinary engineers to support you throughout the site selection, design, development, procurement, and construction of your solar project. By working with us, you can trust that your new asset is built to the required standards and industry best practices.

Our independent services include energy yield and site suitability assessment, tender preparation support (including for PPA or O&M contracts), detailed engineering review, manufacturing inspection, project management support during construction, commission validation and witnessing, grid connection assessments, defect list management, to final project acceptance and handover, and operational & maintenance support.

It aims to achieve maximum availability and ensure ROI from the earliest stages of an energy project by managing risk. Our integrated approach enables the Client to achieve the targeted quality level for a project while mitigating the risks relevant to the project schedule and costs.

Our engineers deliver global expertise locally. Regardless of project scale, lifecycle phase or region in the world, we can help you navigate the complexity of technical, permitting, and regulatory requirements at every step.

Inspection & Certification

As world leaders in testing, inspection, and certification, we help our clients, who operate across all industries, with their statutory testing and certification needs. Together we address challenges throughout the lifetime of your assets, products, and infrastructure, helping you to assure quality, reduce costs, increase productivity, and reach a more responsible, sustainable future.