Metallurgical Services


Bureau Veritas helps clients to acquire detailed knowledge of the materials used in their components, equipment or facilities, which ultimately ensures a better understanding of performance expectations throughout their life cycle.

In the industrial sector today, there is an ever-increasing demand for technical performance and reliability in critical plants and equipment.  Materials optimisation is key for a manufactured product possessing enhanced properties tailored to meet the demands of an industrial application.  In fact, monitoring is needed at all key steps of the life cycle: design, sourcing, completion and maintenance.

Bureau Veritas helps clients in the industrial sector acquire detailed knowledge of the alloys (ferrous & non-ferrous) used in their plant and equipment, so that they can better manage critical components throughout their life cycle.  This can be achieved by:

  • Material specifications
  • Recommendations on design and materials selection
  • Optimisation through alloy modification to enhance material properties (i.e. wear, corrosion, strength)
  • Heat treatment and hardening
  • Selective treatment (i.e. hardfacing)


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