Integrity Engineering

Integrity Engineering

Bureau Veritas delivers engineering-driven tailored services for the management of Integrity and reliability in plant environments. Equipment owners are supported in managing operational risks, with cost and production prioritised in our solutions.

Bureau Veritas’ Integrity & Reliability Engineers (IRE) conduct engineering assessments on in-service plants, equipment and structures to determine current condition, asset management risks, and assist run, repair or replace decisions, as well as advanced engineering analysis for Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM), Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), Remaining Life (RLA) and Fitness For Service assessments (FFS).

IRE uses expertise in fracture mechanics, fatigue, corrosion and welding to guide analysis. Data from NDT, inspection, condition monitoring instrumentation and in some cases, laboratory testing, is expertly analysed with the aid of software and in-house processes. 

With our strategically located network of engineering technical centres and the largest network of qualified inspectors, Bureau Veritas provides clients with extensive cross-discipline and Oil & Gas industry experience. We offer the very best in offshore technical review expertise, inspection experience, classification, validation and verification professionals.


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