SafeGuard Assurance Program

Checking that all appropriate health, safety and hygiene conditions are in place to support business resumption.


The priority for all companies is to get back to work as quickly as possible and with appropriate health, safety and hygiene conditions for their employees and their clients:

  • Companies and public authorities with facilities open to the public need to demonstrate to their customers and users the implementation of the required protective measures.
  • Companies in the industrial, construction and services sectors need to be able to protect their employees when they are back at work, whether on-site or in their offices.

SafeGuard Assurance Program is a suite of solutions to meet the needs of all sectors of the economy as they reopen for business. It addresses the risks specific to all places where people live and work, by enforcing businesses to effectively maintain hygiene good practices and checking that protective measures are properly set up and implemented.

Image 01-Safeguard Assurance Program

How does it work?

Image 02 - Safeguard Assurance Program

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