TAPA Certification

TAPA Certification

Bureau Veritas protect the Technology and Consumer Goods Industry.

TAPA Certification demonstrates that you use industry respected, best practices for your stakeholders. The transportation of high value, high risk and/or highly requested cargo has become a challenge for industry due to the rapid increase in cargo theft. Many manufacturers, wholesalers and retail consumers of high value and sensitive commodities must protect their production materials, manufactured products and purchased inventories.

These goods have become prime targets of thieves in the distribution network when stored in warehouses and in transit. Reported losses have soared worldwide and the difficult task of protecting these assets has become a high priority.

TAPA is promoting a worldwide security standard, sharing crime intelligence with its members and law enforcement partners. The process of achieving and maintaining TAPA certification helps you ensure that you are continually improving and evaluating your business activities, reducing loses and improving operational performance.


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