Elly Molavy



Jun. 23 2020

Elly Molavy is Bureau Veritas Pacific Region's Expeditor/ Project Manager, based in Port Melbourne, VIC. As part of Women in Engineering Day, Bureau Veritas would like to share her career journey especially to aspiring engineers.

What inspired you to pursue a career in Engineering?

I think I can categorise myself as an over thinker even when I was kid and have always been trying to find the logic behind everything. I have always found physics quite fascinating and felt everything physics-related makes the most sense.  I chose mechanical engineering as it is heavily to do with physics.

Could you talk us through your career journey?

I did my Mechanical Engineering degree in Iran and moved to Australia in 2012. After a year of challenges and doing multiple casual jobs (the same story for most immigrants), I started my career with Bureau Veritas late 2012 in the HSE department. Then eventually I joined the engineering team for a Santos GLNG project. I was a ‘fly in fly out’ engineer for two years for a site in Roma (not in Italy but in Brisbane) and I was the only female engineer. It was quite an adventure for me and my colleagues (as they had to deal with me).

How do you ‘Leave Your Mark’ here at Bureau Veritas?

I hope I have left the strong mark in BV as I started from scratch in this company and worked very hard to be in my current position, and have definitely exceeded my expectation.

What is the most interesting thing about your role?

My role does not only help me understand more about life but it also gives me the opportunity to always learn, no matter what the situation is. There are many factors that affect one event or situation, and sometimes some of these factors are out of our control or even unknown to us. But from this one particular situation, we know the next time we come across it, it wouldn’t be unknown anymore.

What advice would you give to someone joining Bureau Veritas?

If you are joining Bureau Veritas, or even any other companies, I would say – never, ever say no to opportunities and try to challenge yourself. You will be amazed how much ability you have and surprise yourself. Focus on your goals, do more than your best and try to find the most efficient way to achieve your goals. Continuously work on getting the respect from your colleagues and managers.