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Tank Asset Integrity: Engineering & Inspection Services

Dec. 10 2020

Bureau Veritas provides a complete range of tank integrity services from routine inspections through to high end engineering asset management. Issues related to Tank Integrity can cause significant downtime and can pose a risk to health, safety and the environment. Storage tanks can present significant challenges across all industries. Whether it be oil & gas, chemical, mining or water, Bureau Veritas can find a solution that will minimise cost whilst delivering maximum outcomes for the life of the asset.


At Bureau Veritas, we have at our disposal an array of service options to assist with your tank integrity needs. We adopt an engineering lead approach, working closely with our clients to determine the most effective way to get the right data in order to make the correct decisions on the asset.

API 653 Inspections

Our experienced certified API 653 inspectors deliver comprehensive tank assessments in accordance with the code. Whether it be a full out of service inspection or routine in-service inspection, our detailed reports identify any compliance issues whilst giving a complete picture on the current condition of the tank.

Corrosion Mapping

Concerns over tank shell wall corrosion can be investigated by high resolution corrosion mapping. Manual mapping techniques or automated shell wall crawlers can be employed to produce large amounts of data thereby allowing effective calculation of remaining life.

Non-Destructive Testing

Vacuum box, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant or Ultrasonics inspection. All conventional NDT methods are always on hand whenever a tank inspection project is undertaken.

Tank Surveys & Calibration

Detailed laser surveys of tank settlement and tilt can be undertaken by our experienced technicians and assessed against the applicable code. The ability to perform tank calibrations and provide certification can also be conducted on request.

Tank Floor Inspection

Utilising the latest in floor scanning technology our tank floor inspections can map almost any type of tank floor. Both topside and bottomside defects can be distinguished, whilst reporting thresholds can be altered through the click of a button, allowing the customer to picture possible repair strategies.

Fitness for Service Assessments

Does your tank asset contain non-compliant features which are too costly or difficult to rectify but do not materially impact the service or the tank? Ask our engineers about conducting API 579 Fitness for Service assessments.

Risk Based Inspection

Risk Based Inspection or RBI can be a useful tool to prioritise your inspection requirements according to risk by analysing likelihood and consequence of failure. Undertaking a RBI programme can have significant long term cost benefits by increasing intervals and targeting inspection. Our engineering team can apply the RBI principals of API 580 to deliver an effective outcome.

Speak to us about our other engineering services:

  • Material testing
  • Metallurgical failure investigations
  • Repair scope strategies
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Welding inspection and weld procedure preparation

    How can we help?
  • Routine inspections (API 653) for statutory or health & safety compliance
  • Preparation of inspection scopes
  • Development of tank maintenance schedules
  • Determination of tank remaining life
  • Extend inspection intervals
  • Assessment on fitness for service
  • Repair scope development and execution of repair scope


Konrad Drogemuller

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