Bureau Veritas' ShafTest: a portable Ultrasonic (UT) flaw detection system for monitoring conditions of shafts

Apr. 29 2019

Bureau Veritas' ShafTest® provides baseline integrity data on critical Wind Turbine main-shafts for later comparison to in-situ test data. While ShafTest® is readily deployed in-situ in the turbine hub, having baseline data available provides assurance of the main-shaft integrity, particularly when the in-situ team is testing complex geometry or following up an incident. By linking the real-time in-situ data back to baseline data in the Bureau Veritas Technical Centre by Digital Telemetry, the development of fatigue related defects is immediately apparent for analysis by Bureau Veritas Integrity Engineers.

Bureau Veritas ShafTest is:

  • Able to test from one exposed end face of a shaft, in-situ
  • Simplifies ultrasonic interpretation of complex geometry
  • Minimal downtime to complete test
  • Highly repeatable

Benefits of ShafTest baseline data:

  • Optimum test sensitivity
  • Many shafts can be tested in a single visit to a warehouse
  • Main-shaft integrity data available to key wind farm stakeholders
  • Shaft integrity data is available for comparison in Condition Monitoring surveys and incident investigation
Hamish Sinclair

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