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An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a verified and registered document that conveys transparent and comparable data, along with other relevant environmental information, regarding the life-cycle environmental impact of a product. The credibility and acceptance of EPDs on the market depend on reliable and trustworthy environmental information. Therefore, the underlying data, data handling processes, and the EPD need to undergo independent verification.
Recognised by international and national green building schemes such as LEED, BREEAM, Green Star, etc., third-party verified EPDs play a crucial role in steadily growing green building projects. 
Companies pursuing such initiatives discover the significance of acquiring Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). By doing so, they not only secure a competitive advantage in environmentally conscious procurement but also support brand credibility in a market where transparency is becoming increasingly vital due to growing consumer demand.


  • Find the right PCR: Pinpointing the PCR that best matches your product. Environdec provides a selection of over 100 PCRs to choose from.
  • Conduct an LCA: Perform a thorough Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) following the guidelines of the chosen PCR. This stage involves assessing the environmental repercussions at each product's life cycle phase.
  • Prepare EPD report: The outcomes of the life cycle analysis serve as the foundation for an EPD report. This document offers transparent and reliable details regarding the product's environmental performance, encompassing resource usage.
  • Third-party review: Both the LCA and EPD reports are subjected to a meticulous review by a certified evaluator. This guarantees the precision and dependability of the data presented in the EPD, thereby enhancing its credibility in the market.
  • Register and publish: EPDs need to undergo a formal registration and publication within a recognised EPD system, with popular platforms including EPD International and EPD Australasia. This ensures accessibility of the EPD to stakeholders and fosters transparent communication of environmental performance data.

Bureau Veritas Australia is recognised by EPD Australasia

to provide customers with EPD process verification which demonstrates their EPDs are developed through a robust system, underscoring the credibility, accuracy and reliability of the disclosed information. 

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