Building Information Modelling BIM

ISO 19650
Building Information Modelling (BIM)

WHAT IS ISO 19650 (BIM)?

Based on the PAS 1192 series of standards, ISO 19650 is a globally recognised standard that applies to the whole life cycle of a built asset, from initial design to end-of life decommissioning.

The ISO 19650 international standard sets the benchmark for effectively managing information across the life-cycle of a built asset using BIM – Building Information Modelling.

Benefits of ISO 19650 (BIM)

The transition to an international standard has created a level playing field for organisations and suppliers across the globe. Enabling them to innovate, collaborate and compete through a common approach of managing asset information.

The ISO 19650 standard is key to Building information modelling best practice, from initial strategic planning, design and R&D, engineering, project development, documentation and construction, operations, asset management, refurbishment, repair and final decommissioning.

The ISO 19650 standard supersedes BS 1192:2007+A2:2016 and PAS 1192-2:2013.

ISO 19650 (BIM) in Australia & New Zealand today

Globally, BIM and digital engineering have become essential considerations for projects, particularly in the infrastructure industry. In recent years, this trend has continued to evolve in Australia and New Zealand as Governments, as well as private sector clients begin to understand the benefits of digital across the built environment.

Compliance to ISO 19650-2:2018 is more and more often mandated by clients as part of their tender documents, becoming the norm for any organisation willing to be considered in large project delivery. Although Certification is not mandatory, it provides an additional level of confidence to your clients by having an independent third party assessing your systems, either at organisational level or at project/JV level.

Whether you are part of an architecture practice, a construction company or an engineering firm, Bureau Veritas can assist you gaining a competitive advantage with ISO 19650-2:2018 BIM certification.


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