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Asset Failure Investigations - Fractured Ball Stud



A fractured ball stud that had been removed from a haul truck was investigated to determine the mode and likely cause of failure. It was understood that the ball stud had been installed at the right-hand inner position and had been in service for approximately 21,400 hours. The client advised that the OEM recommended service life for the ball studs is 20,000 hours. The client had also indicated that the ball studs are inspected for cracking at three-month intervals using ultrasonic inspection methods. At 500-hour intervals, the ball studs are checked for movement. If movement of the ball stud is detected, the OEM recommendation is to measure this movement using a dial indicator and if it is greater than 1.02mm, the ball stud should be scheduled for change. No further service or maintenance history was available at the time of writing the report. A specification for the ball stud was not available, however, previous investigations on the same component have shown these items are typically supplied in the high hardness, high strength condition.


  • Evaluation
  • NDT
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Hardness Testing
  • Metallographic Examination


Bureau Veritas played a crucial role in investigating the mode and likely cause of failure. Leveraging their expertise in materials testing and failure analysis, Bureau Veritas provided valuable insights into the condition of the ball stud.