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Aletta is a seasoned professional in the mining industry, with extensive experience across diverse disciplines within the exploration and mining life cycle. She is an adept communicator with a profound appreciation for science and the environment. 

Leveraging her academic background with a degree in Natural Science specialising in Geology and Environmental Science, Aletta has consistently excelled in her professional endeavours. Her adeptness at fostering and sustaining robust professional relationships has been a key contributor to her success. Her achievements include introducing sustainable and technologically advanced approaches to address exploration and environmental challenges in the resources sector.

Currently at Bureau Veritas Australia, Aletta leads business development initiatives for the Commodities Group, and Minerals West. As a results-oriented individual, she plays a pivotal role in steering revenue growth, nurturing client relationships, and expanding Bureau Veritas Minerals' market presence, with a particular focus on the Critical Minerals Space. Leveraging over 15 years of experience in the resources sector, she brings a unique blend of strategic insight, client engagement, and innovative problem-solving to the table.

Aletta's commitment to innovation is evident in her continuous pursuit of ways to enhance business processes and deliver exceptional value to clients. Her passion for the environment motivates her to introduce greener, innovative solutions to the resources sector, aiming to reduce carbon footprint to ensure a more sustainable future for our generation and generations to come. Her forward-thinking approach and adaptability have enabled her to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the resource sector with success.