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Product Certification

What is the S-Mark?

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The S-Mark was originally developed in New Zealand and has become a leading assurance of product performance and safety. It is a powerful marketing tool that can give your product point of sale impact and differentiate it from the competition in advertising, tendering and sales presentations.

The S-Mark is the independent symbol of approval. It carries a three-fold message: Compliance  |  Control  |  Confidence

S-Mark Product Certification Services

To request for a list of clients licensed to carry the S-Mark: Email us at product.certification@au.bureauveritas.com

Benefits of the S-Mark

Once you have the S-Mark prominently displayed on your product, its packaging and advertising, you open up a whole new avenue to gaining the marketing edge.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s increasingly cost-competitive and deregulated markets, consumers are constantly seeking assurance of the performance and quality of products. Proudly displaying the S-Mark provides this assurance in a highly visible way, instantly setting your product apart from the competition. The S-Mark tells your customers that you are committed to quality and that you have the confidence to regularly have your product independently assessed. Many corporate and government purchasers give preference to products with the S-Mark. It also tells regulatory authorities (e.g. transport, building) that your product performs to their requirements.


Regular independent assessment of you production system allows you to fine-tune processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. You can have real confidence and pride in your product.


When you gain the S-Mark, you form a partnership with Bureau Veritas to get maximum benefit from your processes.

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