PPE Cert

Certification of PPE and Child Safety Products

Bureau Veritas. The Product Certification ‘S’ Mark was established in 1944 by Standards New Zealand and has been maintained by Bureau Veritas since 1997. The Scheme provides assurance of compliance with Australian & New Zealand Standards for Structural Steel Products.

We have expertise to help you with your assessment and certification requirements for a range of PPE and Child Safety products, including Safety Footwear, Safety Harnesses, Eye Protection, Safety Helmets, Hearing Protection, Safety Gloves, Child Restraints, Personal Flotation Devices.

Our Solution

Bureau Veritas can assist manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate compliance with the following Standards:

AS 1512 Personal Flotation device
AS/NZS 1754 Child restraints for use in motor vehicles
AS/NZS 1801 Industrial Helmets
AS/NZS 1891.1  Industrial safety belts and harnesses
AS/NZS 2063 Bicycle helmets
AS/NZS 2172 Cots for household use
AS/NZS 2210 Occupational protective footwear
AS/NZS 2596  Seat belt assemblies
AS/NZS 4220 Bunk Beds
AS/NZS 4453.3 Protective legwear for chainsaw users
AS/NZS 4602 High visibility garments
AS/NZS 4821 Protective footwear for firefighters
FMVSS 213 Child restraining devices

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