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The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, but with new opportunities come new risks.

To assist our clients in meeting these challenges, Bureau Veritas leads the market with a portfolio of innovation services and digital solutions, embracing the latest technologies to help optimise efficiency, improve safety, reduce disruption of services and ultimately minimise risk - all whilst delivering excellent service levels.

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Vast sites and challenging environments often mean it can be difficult to complete statutory inspections efficiently at industrial sites. Locations may be hazardous, production may need to be shutdown to enable inspections to take place and costly scaffolding may need to be erected. By combining the latest drone technology with Bureau Veritas’ inspection expertise, we deliver an enhanced service that reduces disruption on site and improves safety for inspection engineers, even in the most challenging of environments.



SAFEOPS is a digital service from Bureau Veritas to help food retailers and restaurant chains manage their food safety and operations effectively and cost-efficiently. SAFEOPS enables our clients to carry out all necessary daily checks to deliver high quality, safe products to their customers - and quickly identify and resolve any problems that could pose a threat to their reputation.

Safeops: the Bureau Veritas auditing and coaching digital solution

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