Sydney Light Rail


Flexible Ultrasonic Testing of Sydney Light Rail for Alstom by Bureau Veritas

Apr. 16 2019

Bureau Veritas - Rail successfully completed integrity testing on 43 km of rail that carries the inner west extension of Sydney Light Rail for Alstom. The light rail service operates 24/7 presenting a challenge for the operator to assure track integrity and maintain scheduled services. The solution was in the form of Bureau Veritas' Flexible Ultrasonic Testing. Flexible UT was deployed from Central Station to Dulwich Hill at night while the line was "in service" at reduced frequency. Bureau Veritas' Flexible UT method provided the ability to test in between light rail services with enhanced test sensitivity for optimum detection of rail flaws.

Flexible UT is a development of the Bureau Veritas Rail team designed for the increasingly popular light rail systems being operated across Australia and New Zealand.

The benefits of Bureau Veritas’ Flexible Ultrasonic Testing include:

  • Optimum test sensitivity
  • Immediate results feedback
  • Minimal time “on track” disrupting service
  • Digital Radiography allows for shorter exposure time

The solution provided by Bureau Veritas resulted in:

  • Optimum efficiency for the client
  • Time and cost were saved by using Flexible UT

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