Design Review by Bureau Veritas to Help De-Risk Wind Farm Projects

Jan. 21 2019

Wind Tower welded structures and concrete foundations require assurance of conformance with local regulations, many of which may not have address the specific issues related to wind turbines. A review of the proposed design, and overlay of the local conditions, by an experienced and independent agency is a critical step in the project.

An independent Design Review by an accredited agency such as Bureau Veritas helps de-risk the wind farm project. Bureau Veritas leverage international experience to translate, for example, European codes of practice for conformance with Australian and New Zealand regulations. Bureau Veritas’ RPEQ Structural / Civil engineers sign off the WT design as verified against project specifications and provide an independent certificate of conformance.

Hamish Sinclair

Hamish Sinclair Market Lead - Power & Utilities I Infrastructure | 0438 636 652 |