Press Release

Bureau Veritas’ ToFD solution of HDPE Piping Welds for Qenos

Feb. 20 2019

Qenos, Botany, had previously used carbon steel for their Firewater Pipeline, and now looking for an upgrade for this to be constructed from a butt welded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material. In past HDPE projects that Qenos had completed, the inspection completed was an external visual examination of welds. Bureau Veritas Global had previously carried out ToFD on pipes in Mongolia which were similar in material but not size and therefore, were able to obtain a sample piece to use for validation. From this, a client specific procedure was developed.

The solution provided by Bureau Veritas resulted in:

  • Cost saving, in using HDPE vs carbon welding
  • Greater life expectancy achieved by the use of HDPE material
  • Integrity of pipe weld
  • Extended monitoring program periods, saving client ongoing excavation costs

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