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Bureau Veritas Minerals’ NATA Accreditation consolidated today

Dec. 2 2019

Today, Bureau Veritas Minerals consolidated its NATA accreditation under a single Accreditation number 626. This is the earliest number we held, it is the current accreditation number for Bureau Veritas Minerals Cardiff GEO and as such all sites will default to this one. 

As of 2 December 2019, NATA will update their website to reflect this change and all NATA certificates and scopes will now list the new accreditation number. This new number will need to be reflected on all NATA endorsed reports and marketing material, where this quotes the NATA number.

Corporate accreditation’s benefits to clients

  • Clients will be able to see the full scope of Bureau Veritas Minerals services provided and their operating locations for those services, as all listings will be under a single number. This will save time and make it easier for clients to select services and locations that are most suitable
  • Less time required for NATA audits as the Quality System review is covered once per 2 year cycle in detail then only as it applies to sites at site audits
  • Lower administration fees with NATA

For more information on Bureau Veritas Minerals’ NATA Accreditation, contact Bureau Veritas today.