Bureau Veritas’ Innovative Drone Inspection Service

Feb. 6 2019

Infrastructure and facilities require frequent inspections to ensure safety and integrity. But detailed inspection, condition monitoring and assessment present major technical, health and safety challenges. Manned inspection at height or in confined spaces can be costly and dangerous, as well as causing interruptions to business operations.

Bureau Veritas provides a solution to the above requirements by offering our innovative drone inspection service. Other essential elements included the training of two personnel, acquiring CASA remote pilot licences, creation of specific flight and safety procedures, CASA approval for Bureau Veritas to have a remote operator’s certificate and insurance cover for this service.

The drone service can provide our clients with a favourable solution in 3 key areas, those being safety, quality and costs –


  • Reduces the risks associated with inspection by minimizing human exposure to inherently dangerous locations such as elevated or confined spaces


  • The accuracy of drone collected information surpasses standard human visual ability and provides a visual record through captured images
  • Drones enable scrutiny of locations that were previously left uninspected. Ease of use also opens the door to new inspection strategies

Cost Savings: 

  • Save time and money by reducing the need for site preparation including scaffolding, rope access or environment sanitisation of confined spaces etc

This solution with drones is less intrusive and resulting in less production downtime for our client.

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