Benefits of Surveying Pipelines with Long Range Ultrasonics by Bureau Veritas

Mar. 5 2019


A power generation client contacted Bureau Veritas to assess the integrity of their pipelines and boiler tube bundles targeting the U-Bends and weld material, believing that replacements were likely to be required through internal attack. It was determined that the best inspection technique for the tube bundles would be Digital Radiography which allows for fast inspection and calibrated readings for remaining wall thickness. Long Range Ultrasonics was used to survey the pipeline, and any areas of interest highlighted by the LRUT was then to be followed up with Digital Radiography without removing insulation.

Benefits of the technique:

  • Long Range UT inspection allows full volumetric testing with minimal insulation removal
  • Data collection is quick, allowing data acquisition of 200m of piping in under 2 hours
  • Long Range UT allowed for inspection throughout the pipe-racks without the need of scaffolding
  • Digital Radiography allows for shorter exposure time
  • Radiography through insulation is also achievable


Only one tube was found to be defective, this tube was at the lowest point of the tube bundle and damage was strictly isolated to the weld material only. All pipework scanned were found to be in acceptable condition

Client Benefits:

  • Material & labour cost of replacing tube bundles and piping has been avoided
  • Client has renewed confidence in the integrity of assets onsite
  • No scaffolding was required throughout inspections
  • Minimal insulation removal was required throughout inspections

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