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We help your business facilitate future land use, mitigate environmental risk and meet legal requirements.

Contaminated and potentially contaminated land can have major economic, legal, social and planning implications for the community. Contamination to soil and groundwater can limit land use potential or increase costs for developers, property owners and local authorities. Poor environmental management and awareness has the potential to impact on the health of individuals, change ecosystems and lead to a deterioration in the fabric of our historical buildings.

The potential for soil and water pollution from historical, current or future sources must be managed in a responsible way whilst maximising economic value. The investigation and clean-up of site contamination is important to protect the environment, human health and assets. Bureau Veritas has a strong reputation for assisting land owners, occupiers, manufacturers and developers providing a comprehensive array of solutions to many environmental related issues.

Bureau Veritas Environmental services’ objective is to ensure that the best decisions are made for the health and safety of people, businesses and the environment. Out team take a risk-based approach to assessing and delivering Contaminated Site projects and work in close partnership with key stakeholders to deliver solutions and strategies that aim to reduce the realisation on environmental risks while taking into account the commercial requirements of our clients.

Comprehensive environmental investigations, remediation services and expert consulting advice are vital to the management or development of a site, and meeting required regulations. Our network of scientists, hydrogeologists and engineers are highly experienced in delivering of site specific solutions, offering a diverse skill set that allows for a tailored approach to meeting our client’s needs, ensuring regulatory compliance and minimising environmental harm.


  • Risk identification and quantification

    Actively manage your environmental performance and impacts

  • Gain support from an experienced team

    of qualified environmental experts

  • Regulatory compliance of your business

    Make your organisation attractive for and visible to investors and financial stakeholders

  • Management of your liabilities

    Cost benefit analysis of abatement

We offer environmental risk evaluations providing feedback in financial terms to allow you to make the most accurate decisions on land and property acquisition and divestment.


  • Contaminated land Assessment & Management
  • Environmental Due diligence & compliance auditing
  • Environmental assessment & surveys
  • Environmental land Management Plans & systems
  • Groundwater Assessment, Modelling & Remediation
  • Risk Assessment (Human Health & Environment)
  • Waste Management

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