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  • Employee Health & Safety training reinforced through global campaign to support safe driving

    With the majority of Bureau Veritas' employees driving regularly to client sites, traffic accidents are one of the main sources of workplace accidents. The Group therefore prioritizes safe driving practices in its Health & Safety policy and runs regular training for employees.

    The 2012 Group Safety Campaign on "Driving & Mobility" took place from  October 15 to November 15. More than 1,000 sites from all countries and divisions were mobilized to raise employee awareness.

    Communications materials included eight posters focusing on the importance of wearing helmets and seat belts, looking out for pedestrians, vehicle maintenance, the risk of using the phone while on the road, taking taxis, resting when needed and family education. Two e-learning modules, one about two wheel vehicles and one about four wheel vehicles, were used to train employees on preventive driving practices.

    Numerous initiatives were launched locally to increase the impact of the campaign, sometimes also involving subcontractors. Examples of initiatives conducted during the campaign include:

    - Enforcement of local driving awareness programs (Americas, Ghana-Nigeria, Australia, Italy) 
    - Assessment of drivers to evaluate their risk levels in Australia, UK, and Kazakhstan
    - Initiatives relating to vehicle inspection were introduced in Congo and Vietnam
    - Driving awareness education for employees’ children in South East Asia and distribution of children’s helmets
    - Distribution of safety vests in Malaysia

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